CanPrev Fibre Flow 90 caps

$ 34.99

90 Vegetable Capsules


Sure, we like to make bowel jokes every now and then, but sometimes we need to get serious about our digestive health. Once you’ve chewed and swallowed your food, it can take days for it to make its way through your system and be eliminated as waste. Chances are you never have to give constipation a thought, but on days you do, CanPrev’s Fibre Flow™ Natural Laxative can help.

Certain medications, not drinking enough water or resisting the urge to empty the bowels can make stools hard and dry or difficult to pass. That’s when a little assistance is needed to move things along, even better when it comes in a winning formula like Fibre Flow™ Natural Laxative. All bulking ingredients in Fibre Flow™ capsules contain an innovative combination of plant and fruit extracts readily found in nature and are safe to use and easy on your system.

Daily elimination is best, but if it’s been longer than three days, try Fibre Flow™ a gentle formulation developed for the relief of irregularity and constipation. It is a completely natural, bulk-forming laxative that helps to restore regularity and natural bowel contractions by increasing the volume and water content of the stool. It is made with a uniquely processed, freeze-dried kiwifruit extract from New Zealand that retains a high degree of the naturally-occurring enzymes found in the fruit. It is also formulated with a therapeutic dose of konjac root, which is well documented for its laxative properties.